£5k per month

+ £500 per additional user

A dedicated neXero project lead

A customized project charter and project plan

Executive Playbook

Expert help and advice

Actionable Information

Momentum calls 60 minutes per week

Green Team Initiatives

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netXero platform

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Common questions

I have limited time and knowledge of sustainability – how can netXero help me?

That’s exactly the problem that netXero solves. We provide the documents, guides, templates, presentations and other useful information to give you a series of easy to follow, practical steps. Its quicker and easier to follow than alternatives.

We are considering engaging external consultants. How is netXero better?

netXero does not compete with specialist consulting firms. They provide a valuable and highly customised service, tailored to your business. netXero gives you all the information, documents and tools to manage your program as much or as little as you want.

My team are too busy. How can netXero help us?

Yes. We make it quicker and easier to implement your net zero program with fewer internal resources.

Can I use netXero for free?

Absolutely, our netXero playbook provides a high level framework with all the key steps you need to take to implement your own sustainability program. That’s all free.

How quickly can we be up and running with our net zero program?

This really depends on how fast you need to go. We have helped clients go from no program to live within 3 months. However many pledge sites set a realistic 2 year time horizon on delivering sustainable transformation.

When can I subscribe to the netXero software app?

We’re currently looking for Beta partners to help to test and refine our cloud based platform. If you’re interested in helping to shape the app, please sign up here [link]. We’ll be launching the app as soon as we have completed testing and user feedback.

Which languages and countries is netXero enabled for?

Currently, netXero is focussed on the UK market and is available in English. This is because the program is tailored to UK requirements. As we grow, we’ll extend into other markets and languages.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Yes, we make it easy to start and easy to complete your netXero program.