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Going green is good for business. According to McKinsey, the transition to net zero could unlock $12 trillion in yearly revenues by 2030 [1]. 

 And yet, 77% of businesses don’t yet measure their emissions, 50% lack the resources to start their journey to net zero and 94% perceive sustainability as high risk.

netXero helps small and medium sized companies to accelerate to net zero by providing real time GHG reporting, actionable insights, green initiatives and practical, step-by-step processes to transform business performance.

As a result, our clients typically achieve a 20% year-on-year boost in revenues, a 10% improvement in bottom line profits and a 15% enhancement of shareholder value.


Like many other business owners and leaders, we want to do our bit for the planet.

We also knew that we needed to react to the increasing demand from customers, investors and employees to become a more sustainable business. 

But, we didn’t know where to start.

There’s so much information, much of which is simply not relevant or useful, and we wanted to run the project in house to keep costs down and grow our own knowledge.

We found that implementing a net zero program was more complex and time consuming than we imagined. 

That’s why we created netXero. 

netXero provides practical guides, easy to follow steps and expert advice to help busy business leaders to accelerate to net zero. 

netXero gives you access to useful guides, template presentations, handy spreadsheets, tutorial videos, suggested email content and links to authoritative websites, all in one place. 

netXero is flexible. You can implement the changes to your business yourself, or subscribe to get some expert help. Depending on your requirements, you can make changes over months or years, or accelerate to net zero with the help of one of our programme advisors. 

Our team are all experienced technology and sustainability experts. We’re all passionate about delivering measurable and sustainable carbon savings, quickly and cost effectively. 

netXero. We’re here to help.

[1] https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/sustainability/our-insights/playing-offense-to-create-value-in-the-net-zero-transition


We’re all passionate about delivering measurable and sustainable carbon savings, quickly and cost effectively.

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