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Get Started

There’s no better time to start your journey than now. The first phase of your journey to net zero is to gain agreement from key stakeholders including shareholders, the leadership team, management and representatives of employees, suppliers and partners.

netXero can help with:

  • A high level project plan template
  • A board pack template to share with your team
  • Guidance on gaining stakeholder commitment
  • How to set up teams and identify team leaders
  • Sources of trustworthy information
  • How to set objectives for your teams
  • How to assess costs, risks and mitigations
  • Communication strategy and planning template
  • Guide to conducting a board readiness assessment

Reduce your own carbon emissions

Reducing your own scope 1 and 2 emissions is an obvious first step to achieving net zero. netXero will help you to identify your emissions, set measurable an achievable targets and to define the key initiatives that will help to reduce your own emissions.

With netXero you can:

  • Set a strategy and move to action
  • Define your emissions and get a Full SECR review
  • Set your targets
  • Pursue energy efficiency projects and initiatives
  • Guidance to reduce travel emissions
  • A framework to help prioritise initiatives
  • Prioritise Scope 1 and 2 emissions
  • Focus on quick wins
  • Initiate high impact / longer term projects
reduce carbon emissions
reduce emissions

Engage suppliers to reduce value chain emissions

For those organisations who source products and services from a supply chain, a significant priority should be to engage suppliers and reduce emissions. These “scope 3” emissions can be hard to identify, measure and reduce, so netXero provides practical help to address the supply chain.

netXero helps to:

  • Identify scope 3 emissions
  • Help in setting supply chain targets
  • Engaging and communicating with suppliers
  • Defining and agreeing supplier targets
  • Monitoring the impact of supply chain initiatives

Integrate Climate into your Business

Once carbon emissions are addressed, there are new opportunities to integrate climate initiatives into the day to day operations of the business. Which is not only good for the planet, it is good for business.

netXero can help:

  • Provide guidance on business strategy and operations
  • Review and update vision and mission statements
  • Assess and analyse ongoing performance
  • Embed cultural change within the organisation
integrate climate into business
influence limate change action in society

Influence climate action in society

With net zero as a central part of your business strategy, your organisation will be ideally placed to influence and create a positive impact on wider society. By taking an active role with investors, employees, suppliers, partners, political groups, NGOs, charities and other parties, your organisation can drive greater change and faster achievement of net zero.

netXero helps to:

  • Educate your board and senior leadership team
  • Inform operational and line managers
  • Influence society
  • Guide to help engage with employees
  • Connect with key customers
  • Involve your suppliers
  • Encourage climate action
  • Provide education and support
  • Recognise and reward positive contributions

What to expect

netXero makes it easy to implement sustainability in just 15 minutes a day

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In just 30 minutes, you’ll get a score based on your carbon emissions and a personalised roadmap to show you how to comply with climate legislation and profit from sustainability.


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NetXero provides the help you need to respond to client GHG and sustainability reporting requirements.

Your Personalised Sustainability Score

Enter your gas, electricity and fuel consumption or bills and we’ll estimate your scope 1 and 2 emissions. All in just 30 minutes.


See how your business is performing in real time. Get your intensity ratios to  compare your performance with similar businesses. 


Find out what you need to do to improve your score and how you can get there by using our practical guides, downloadable templates and tutorials.

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“Being ethical and responsible has always been core to our values. The netXero approach gives us the process and reporting to demonstrate our commitment to the planet “

Abi, Odylique by Essential Care

“netXero is helping us to demonstrate our sustainability to our employees, clients and investors”

Stuart, Hyper Luminal Games

“Fair trade has always been at the centre of our business. The netXero approach helps us to reduce our supplier’s emissions.”

Abi, Odylique by Essential Care

“I’ve wanted to become more sustainable, but didn’t know where to start. netXero has set out a clear plan to get us to net zero”

Chris, Corsham Creative

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